Why Go To A
Flagstaff Urgent Care Clinic?

One of the biggest trends in medicine today in America is the growing usage by patients of urgent care clinics.

When you have cold symptoms such as a cough or sore throat and your primary care doctor is fully booked for the next 2 weeks, patients find that urgent care clinics can provide convenient and good quality care that they need right away.

Urgent care clinics also can be a cheaper and quicker option than going to the emergency room for non-emergency illnesses such as minor cuts or injuries. See the following article below.

We are Flagstaff Arizona’s only locally owned urgent care clinic and we truly care about the people and health or our community.

We look forward to serving your medical needs in a family friendly conveniently located urgent care clinic.

Study: More patients are heading to urgent care centers

NEW YORK —  David Weiner knew it was time to see a doctor after feeling under the weather for almost a week.

“I had a sore throat for the past few days and wanted to get checked out, and a rash on my hands and face.”

So he walked into Northwell Health-Gohealth Urgent Care in New York.

“You are seen quickly and get good service and much easier than going to my primary care doctor.”

New research in JAMA Internal Medicine found that the number of people treated at urgent care centers has more than doubled over the past eight years, while visits to primary care doctors and the emergency room for non-life threatening conditions are declining.

Click link for full article: https://wreg.com/2018/12/28/study-more-patients-are-heading-to-urgent-care-centers/

About Flagstaff Urgent Care

We are Flagstaff Arizona’s only locally owned urgent care medical clinic founded and run by Flagstaff healthcare professionals and residents who are active in supporting the Flagstaff community.

We decided to open Flagstaff Urgent Care because we wanted to open a clinic that treats patients with compassion and respect and also treats our employees like family. We really care about the Flagstaff community and it’s well being. We want to create a wonderful environment for our urgent care patients and all of our medical staff are efficient and friendly.

We are not owned by big corporations or private equity firms unlike other Flagstaff urgent care clinics.

For us, patients always come first because we are run by caring medical professionals not business managers.


Mission Statement

To treat every individual with

sincerity, respect, and compassion


provide prompt, affordable, quality health care.